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Add:No. 60, Tian Cai Road, Tudian Industrial Park,Tongxiang City, Zhejiang Province

Zip code 314503111

Tel:0086-573-88862777 400-905-7321



The growth of Maidenly is inseparable from the attention and support of enthusiastic friends. I hope that you will raise your needs and suggestions to provide a continuous supply of nutrients for the development and improvement of Maidenly.

Join Us

We sincerely welcome the talented people who are interested in architectural coatings to join the Maidenly family and work together to make Mandenly paints the best domestic architectural coatings!

Join Conditions:

1、Interested in the architectural coatings industry and have a good social ethics;

2、Agree with the Mandenly brand culture and business model;

3、Obtaining the qualifications for the construction coatings industry in accordance with the law or having the qualifications for obtaining business qualifications;

4、Have a high school education or above, have certain economic strength and operational ability;

5、Experience in the architectural coatings industry and good reputation are preferred.

Join Procedure:

1、After the entrants are identified by the headquarters of Maidenly, fill out the “Announcement Form for Joining the Maidenly Paint (Personal)”;

2、After the inspection of the headquarters of Maidenly, the resume of joining the Maidenly Paint Manager (Responsible Person) was issued. The entrants who intend to join must truthfully fill out and affix the official seal of the relevant department, and submit it to the headquarters for review together with the relevant business qualification certificate;

3、After the approval of the headquarters of Maidenly, notify the intent to pay the relevant amount of the contract;

4、Formally sign the franchise contract and go through the registration formalities;

5、Accept operational guidance from the headquarters;

6、Formal operation.