Maidenly's first "Yancai Award" outstanding distributors voted on WeChat voting!

2018-09-03 15:46:22 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读

Zhejiang maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. can have today's achievements can not be separated from the efforts of various distributors, in order to thank the dealers for the long-term support of maidenly coatings, in order to better serve maidenly to partners, Zhejiang maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. will hold the first A Zhejiang maidenly "Yancai Award" outstanding dealer selection activity.

Today, WeChat vote has officially started. The voting time will last for one week (January 8-15), and you can vote for the dealers you support. I hope this will be a hot week.

Voting method (this vote lasts for one week)

1. WeChat pays attention to the maidenly paint WeChat public platform. In the menu bar below, click [Company Information] - [Yancai Award vote] to enter the WeChat voting page.

As shown below:



2. Click [list] to view the list of participating dealers. Click on the dealer photo to enter the dealer introduction page.

3. Click [Take him a vote] to vote for the favorite dealer. Each IP can vote for 3 tickets per day. You can vote for three of your favorite dealers or all of them to the same dealer you like. .