Value innovation and price choice

2018-09-03 16:54:12 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读

As we all know, quality is an important basis for measuring the health of an industry. If an industry, all manufacturers are pursuing low prices and continuously reducing quality, "the quality is getting worse and worse, the industry is getting worse and worse", and the whole industry will eventually be destroyed. Faced with the deep adjustment of the real estate market, it will be difficult from developers to suppliers. If at this time, sacrificing quality and lowering prices, the days will be more difficult and even eliminated.

In maidenly's view, the harder it is, the more it is necessary to increase the value of innovation. Faced with the rising prices of raw materials and labor, the price reduction and degradation can only be "supported for a while", and even belong to drinking and quenching thirst. To be long-term in the industry and to promote the future development of the industry to a high level, high value, we must carry out value innovation. Responding to the market downturn and the continuous strengthening of customers' cost control, only innovation is the best way to achieve the best. Because there is no industry that has been sluggish, only companies that are lost in the market downturn!

Let us take the real stone paint as an example to talk about the temptation to abandon low prices. Is it worthwhile to maintain the credibility of the company?

The system of real stone paint from low to high is styrene-acrylic (low), pure acrylic (medium), silicon-acrylic (high), and fluorosilicon (high-grade custom). For general construction, at the very least, you should choose medium-grade pure acrylic stone paint; if high-grade buildings should choose silicone-acrylic system; the iconic and benchmark buildings can choose fluorine-silicon system. (Of course, the same is pure C, silicone C system, must choose a professional enterprise. Because pure acrylic emulsion is also divided into high and low, maidenly requirements for raw material quality is very high, and the stability of the entire formulation system is stronger than non-professional brands.)

Maidenly real stone paint not only the quality of the whole raw material is significantly higher than other ultra-low-cost real stone paint, and the emulsion content is also very high, often 2-3 times of ultra-low-priced products. Regardless of product performance, construction, coating rate, weather resistance, the difference between high-end and low-end is very obvious. Many people think that "low-end and medium-end, there is no difference or difference." Mainly because it has always used ultra-low-cost styrene-acrylic products, and has rarely used high-grade real stone paints. If we have used high-quality real stone paint of pure acrylic and silicon-acrylic systems, even if it is very amateur, we can see that there is not only a difference between the two, but the difference is very obvious: "Good is good, bad is bad"!

Can three yuan and one kilogram of real stone paint guarantee the minimum quality? First, let's calculate the account. At present, the price of colored sand with better quality on the market is basically 1.2-2 yuan/kg. If it is a special color, it needs to use high-temperature calcined sand, and the price per kilogram may range from 2.5-3.5 yuan. Plus emulsion, auxiliaries, labor and operating costs. To ensure the most basic and minimum quality, the raw material cost of real stone paint is more than 3 yuan / kg.

Then why is there still a real stone paint of less than 3 yuan / kg in the market? And also contains a certain profit in it. So, how is the real stone paint below 3 yuan/kg made?

There is only one answer - using low-quality inferior raw materials:

First, the use of poor colored sand (color sand of 0.3-0.5 yuan per kilogram)

Color sand is an important component of real stone paint, and the quality is directly determined by the quality of the coating.


This picture is a maidenly raw material warehouse photo


Hardness (silicon content) is the most important basis for measuring the quality of colored sand. The better the expensive sand, the higher the hardness; on the contrary, the worse the colored sand, the lower the hardness. Poor colored sand can be easily crushed and turned into powder with fingers. As shown below:


The production of real stone paint is a high-speed stirring process. The colored sand particles will produce very large friction between each other. The poor colored sand has low hardness. During the production process, due to the frictional force, a large amount of powder will appear. The color sand turns into a color powder. The final coating effect, the sand particles are very blurred, lacking luster and texture. As shown below:


High-quality colored sand, in the process of high-speed mixing, due to high hardness, friction resistance, not easy to powder, the coating effect is made, the color sand particles are very clear, rich in texture and luster.


This picture is a maidenly real stone paint sample photo


If the coating color is bright, the real stone paint below 3 yuan / kg, can only add color paste, because the high-temperature calcined sand of bright color, the price of one kilogram is between 2.5-3.5 yuan.


Second, the use of poor emulsion


As a film-forming substance of real stone paint, the quality of the emulsion directly determines the performance of the coating. For example, emulsions and high-quality emulsions with poor resistance to yellowing, water repellency, and longevity are tested in the laboratory for UV resistance. Poor emulsion, UV resistance is very poor, yellowing will occur after the sun is shining. As shown below:



Water resistance is one of the most important indicators for measuring emulsions. Poor emulsion water resistance is very poor, it will appear white when exposed to water, the use of poor emulsion made of real stone paint, rain, water will penetrate into the coating, whitening phenomenon. Water often penetrates into the coating, which greatly reduces the useful life of the coating. As shown below:



Third, the emulsion content is very low


Poor real stone paint, in order to reduce the cost of the manufacturer, the content of the emulsion is generally low, splashing during the spraying process, serious waste, resulting in a large increase in coating amount. Generally, the normal amount of real stone paint is 3-4 kilograms per square meter. The low-cost low-grade real stone paint is very wasteful and has a large loss. The coating amount per square meter often exceeds 4 kilograms, and some even reach 5 kilograms.


Fourth, inferior additives 


Although the amount of additives used in real stone paint is small, it determines the stability of the entire formulation system. Poor quality auxiliaries, after a certain period of time, there will be serious stratification. As shown below:



Not only real stone paint, but also any low-quality or even inferior quality. When the price is low, the raw materials and processes used must be poor.


So, where did the bad real stone paint come from?


First of all, we will think of local small workshops; in fact, in 2014, the real estate industry was deeply adjusted, and the cost control was unprecedentedly increased. Some large-scale comprehensive coating companies began to produce low-quality, low-cost styrene-acrylic paints in order to participate in the competition. .

So, where did the bad real stone paint come from?

There must be tricks behind the cheap, such as "black heart cotton" and "ditch oil"! The same is true for exterior wall real stone paint. The low price is 100% and cannot guarantee the most basic quality. It seems that we have kept the cost to a minimum, but it has sacrificed the external image of the entire building very seriously. Unless we don't care about the quality of the exterior wall, we don't care what the exterior wall looks like. If we pay a little attention to quality, low-cost real stone paint, absolutely can not be used. If our budget is limited, Zhejiang maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. gives you advice: use high-quality latex paint!

Regardless of the level of the property's positioning, the exterior wall represents the overall image and grade of the building. No matter what materials we choose (latex paint, real stone paint, natural stone), we should choose it. Because in the eyes of people, the quality of the exterior wall = the quality of the real estate.

Maidenly believes that credibility is far more important than immediate short-term interests, so we have been strict with quality and not shoddy. Let all customers who use maidenly paints buy with confidence and use them with satisfaction!