Maidenly anti-counterfeiting activities on June 10

2018-09-03 16:47:27 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读




As the “maidenly” brand products are recognized by consumers, some people who want to opportunistically start making fake “paints” and deceive consumers with the “maidenly” brand.

Although 315 has been going on for a long time, the maidenly action against counterfeiting has never stopped. On June 10, we went to a small workshop in Baojiatun, Erhuan West Road, with the law enforcement officers of the industrial and commercial office. After investigation, the workshop did not have any production license, and the “maidenly” trademark was stolen for production and sales. The workshop was immediately banned according to law.

At the scene, we saw a large number of 70 kg blue barrels with maidenly real stone paint labels filled with paint to be sold.



Counterfeit maidenly old label


There is a lot of "raw materials" in the house, which is said to be raw materials. The words "Wu Deli Flour" are clearly printed on the packaging bag. We are not sure what the raw materials are. This is the true face of this fake "maidenly real stone paint".



In recent years, more and more construction parties have chosen real stone paint instead of ceramic tiles and other materials as exterior decoration, not only because it is beautiful, but also safe and lasting. The exterior wall decorated with this "flour real stone paint" can be imagined what kind of consequences.

Here's how to identify the real maidenly coating

(1) The quality and style of the label are different. The new label of maidenly has a “maidenly” watermark and the label is printed with the maidenly WeChat public number QR code.

(2) Each color number is traceable.

(3) By scanning the barcode, the type and batch of the product can be confirmed.

(4) Maidenly Coatings adheres to the principle of quality priority. All packagings are brand new plastic or metal barrels, and are not packed in bags or vats.


The picture shows the new label of maidenly real stone paint


The action was very successful, but our anti-counterfeiting action will never stop. For our own benefit, I hope that everyone can be vigilant and don't give these unscrupulous people a chance. I also hope that everyone can actively report such wrongdoing. Complaint call: 0573-88862777.

In order to do a good job in corporate image, we must ban such fraudulent points in a timely manner. They not only damage the reputation of our company, but also harm the interests of consumers. Therefore, our company will continue to carry out anti-counterfeiting actions.