Smelting team to create brilliance - maidenly outdoor development activities report

2018-09-03 16:41:00 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


On July 25, 2015, 20 people from the technical department of Zhejiang Maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. under the leadership of Cao Xinglong, the company's deputy general manager, launched a one-day outdoor development activity at Haiyan Purple Potato Villa. The theme of this event is: smelting team to create brilliant. Through the hands-on experience of the training program, the power of personality, the awareness of teamwork, the methods and skills of interpersonal communication, and the full development of personal potential.

The event included four projects including crossing the grid, trusting back, 4S field, and 4m escape wall. During the event, the whole team devoted all their efforts, teamwork, mutual trust and mutual trust, and fully exerted the spirit of teamwork. They overcame many difficulties, worked together to complete each project, shared the joy of success, improved team cohesion, and cultivated a positive attitude and height. Responsibility, from the experience to the strength of the team and the importance of collaboration.

At 7:15, the maidenly team members set off early to the training ground. The coaches began to enthusiastically introduce the maidenly team members to the event process of the day. The team was named “maidenly”. After all the players recommended, Liu Zheng became the captain of the “maidenly” team, Zhang Guomei was the secretary, and Luo Haichao was the “Filipino Maid”. ". And compiled a simple and resounding slogan for the team - "I don't want to wait, work hard, be motivated, challenge success, maidenly must win!". At the moment when the players shouted out the slogan, their strong sense of mission came to life. Whether in the training ground or in the company, maidenly is always a team.

Soon maidenly's outdoor development activities officially began. The first item is to cross the grid. Of course, the real grid is not used here. It may be that the players know that they are somewhat relieved and the project is flat.


The second project is trust back. One person stands on a high platform and crosses his chest with his hands. He falls backwards. Other players must rely on full cooperation to catch the fallen players. This project needs to test the fall of the players. Great courage and trust in teammates test the team's mission and collaboration skills.


After more than half of the activities, the coach couldn't help but praise our team members for a very good cooperation. Finally, Mr. Cao couldn't help but feel the heartbeat feeling in person.


After more than half of the activities, the coach couldn't help but praise our team members for a very good cooperation. 


The last project was a 4m escape wall, and the task was completed by escaping the 4m escape wall through mutual cooperation between the players. This requires the team to reasonably arrange the escape order in order for everyone to escape safely. The escape plan adopted by Mandeli was to send four young and strong men to go up and then to meet them. Then the female compatriots were sent to the high wall, and the last one was left. Because the escape wall was too high, the above players always Unable to reach his hand, Captain Liu Zheng volunteered to hang up on the high wall and pulled the last person up. Finally, all the players were safely out of danger.


At four o'clock in the afternoon, the one-day outdoor development event ended. Through this event, the players have established a good atmosphere of unity, trust and cooperation. Everyone is working hard to make full use of their respective potentials, challenge themselves, overcome difficulties through mutual help, deepen friendship, and further strengthen their cohesiveness.

The players who participated in this expansion activity said that in the fierce competitive environment, everyone experienced the energy and cooperation of the team. In the future work, we will combine the spirit and will learned by this expansion training with our own work to further build a harmonious and upward corporate culture, with a higher working enthusiasm and the power of innovation. Contribute to the development of maidenly coatings.