Maidenly - "You check my choice" interior wall paint product quality comparison quality award

2018-09-03 16:37:10 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


On September 9, 2015, the first batch of “I Check Your Choice” interior wall in Zhejiang Province sponsored by Zhejiang Coating Technology Association Coating Branch and Zhejiang Quality Inspection Science Research Institute (National Chemical Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center) A press conference on the quality comparison of coatings was held in Hangzhou. A total of 35 corporate representatives and 10 news media attended the conference.

The notification shows that through the testing of 97 batches of products, 88 batches were qualified, 9 batches were unqualified, and the batch failure rate was 9.28%. Among them, the unqualified rate of production batches in the province was 1.43%; the unqualified rate of production batches outside the province was 29.63%.

From the data point of view, the interior wall paint "Zhejiang manufacturing" and local brands are not lost to other provinces or "foreign brands."

In the early stage, in order to effectively protect the people's right to know about the quality of daily consumer goods, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau launched the “I check your choice” product collection activity for Zhejiang consumer goods with the theme of “clearly clear consumption”. Through the collection, interior wall coatings were included in the 2015 “most concerned, most worried, most want to buy” consumer goods.

The quality comparison is not only carried out in the province's synthetic resin emulsion interior wall coating enterprises, but also in the comparison between domestic enterprises and domestic and international well-known enterprises.

In terms of product quality and quality, Zhejiang-made coatings are “quality and cheap” and can be trusted and used with confidence. When consumers choose home-made materials, they don’t have to blindly pursue high-priced brands.

Our company not only fortunately witnessed the release of this good news, but also won the “2015 First Zhejiang Province ‘You Check My Choice” Interior Wall Coating Product Quality Comparison Quality Excellence Award”.

Manager Shen of our company was invited to speak on stage. Manager Shen said: In the current downturn of the real estate industry, it has also seriously affected the survival of our coatings companies. How to win a place in the big market of strong enemy ring feeding. Some enterprises attach importance to technological innovation, some enterprises attach importance to product promotion, and some enterprises attach importance to enterprise cost control. And we maidenly always believe in the principle of product first, and strive to provide customers with quality and environmentally friendly products.

Maidenly is divided into three major parts in the control of product quality: raw material testing 2: production process control 3: finished product testing.

1: Raw material testing

It is a particularly important part of raw material testing. Our company will do a raw material inspection for each batch of raw materials. Different raw materials have different inspection standards, and resolutely prevent defective raw materials from affecting product quality. When warehousing, batch batching of each batch of raw materials is carried out to make the raw materials traceable and follow the principle of first in, first out.

2 control of the production process

In the production process, our company has a PLC management system throughout the whole process. The powder additive emulsion is strictly controlled. Each cylinder has a special personnel to review the records every day to ensure that each batch is qualified. Divide workers into groups. Each working group corresponds to its own post responsibility. At the same time, in the production process, there are special staff to check and record the data such as product viscosity.

3: Finished product inspection

After each batch of products is filled, we will send the samples to the laboratory for routine factory inspection. And register the batch and test data of the product. Every month we do product batch stability testing. The product is sent to a third party for testing every year. If there is a recipe adjustment and optimization, we will re-evaluate the product.

Our company regards the three points of appeal as the daily work of the production department of the company. As a management system, we must establish a sound management system document in order to let the positive and serious attitudes implement the daily habits of our employees so that the quality of products can be guaranteed for a long time.