Maidenly outdoor riding first stop

2018-09-03 16:32:49 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


The first outdoor cycling event in Maidenly was held in Tongxiang at 9:00 am on October 11, 2015. The environmental concept of “low-carbon emission reduction” has become more and more popular. The continuous rains in the past few days have also made people feel uncomfortable. On the 11th, it is the best time for the sun to shine. So, Manager Shen took us, and we took a ride with the car and said it was a ride.



The Tongxiang Municipal Government is our starting point and our end point. It passes through the stove and Wuzhen. It is also under the arrangement of Manager Shen. I ate lunch at the cosy Wuzhen Xiaocai Restaurant and tasted the famous mutton, stinky tofu and some special dishes in Wuzhen. .


It is in the autumn season that we are not pursuing speed, but enjoying the scenery along the way in a soothing rhythm.


At the end of the event, everyone signed the maidenly flag to commemorate the unforgettable cycling.