"Blood donation to love, blood is more intense" Maidenly voluntary blood donation activity report

2018-09-03 16:28:55 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


More broad than the ocean and the sky is the heart of dedication. On March 3, 2016 (Thursday), more than a dozen very loving maidenly people came to the Tudian Town Health Center to participate in the voluntary blood donation team, and volunteered to donate 5,500 ml.

Recently, due to frequent accidents, the blood bank of Tudian Town was in a hurry, and the enterprises of Tudian Town and the enterprises in Tudian Town carried out concentrated voluntary blood donation activities. In response to the government's call, fulfilling the civic duty, and ensuring the blood donation activities were carried out in an orderly manner, the company and the central blood station negotiated blood donation matters and issued a notice. Call on employees to participate actively, arrange production reasonably, and inform the precautions before and after blood donation to ensure the successful implementation of this voluntary blood donation activity.

At 8:30 in the morning, after all the preparatory work was completed, the blood donation staff under the guidance of the staff of the Tudian Town Health Center, carefully filled out the blood donation registration form, measured blood pressure, blood test, and began blood donation after passing the blood test. In the blood donation team, there are many professional lovers who donate blood, and the first time they participate in the blood of the blood donation team.

Everyone said that it is very meaningful to participate in voluntary blood donation activities. Voluntary blood donation is not only a good act of benefiting the country, benefiting the people and self-interest. By volunteering to donate your own blood, you can help those patients who are in urgent need of treatment and contribute to the society.

In order to ensure the health of the blood donation staff, maidenly arranged for them to rest for half a day in the afternoon.