2016 “Hua Cai Award” selection maidenly won three awards in one fell swoop

2018-09-03 16:23:55 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


On July 7, 2016, Mr. Shen Guoqiang, General Manager of our company, and Mr. Shen Yutong, Marketing Manager, were fortunate to attend the “China Color Coatings China 2016 2016 China Coatings Brand Event” • “Innovation Harmony Responsibility Impact” China Coating Summit Forum and HC The 10th Huacai Awards Influential Brand Selection of the Network, witnessed the ceremony with more than 500 people from representatives of coatings companies, real estate companies, channel agents, furniture companies, industry experts, and many news media reporters from all over the country. .


The ceremony was sponsored by HC Coating Network, HC Surface Treatment Network, HC Chemical Network, and Buying Plastics. Zhejiang Fenghong New Materials Co., Ltd. specially supported.

The jury members of this judging panel are all from the distributors of the first-line paint market, the furniture enterprises of the application channels, the management, procurement and technical positions of the real estate enterprises. The “Hua Cai Award” (10th) influence brand selection activity has passed WeChat. Voting, online selection, SMS voting and professional jury scoring, combined data of netizen voting and jury scoring, and jointly awarded award-winning enterprises.

The China Coatings Brand Event hosted by HC Network has gone through ten years of wind and rain. Growing up in this decade, it has become the most influential and authoritative selection activity in the coatings industry. As a gorgeous turn of the “Top Ten Paint Brands” selection event, “Yi Cai China” 2016 China Coatings Brand Event and “Hua Cai Award” (10th) Influential Brand Selection will continue to represent the highest honor in China's coatings industry; The "Innovation, Harmony, Responsibility, Impact" Coating Summit Forum held at the same time has always been hailed as the Oscar for the coatings industry.



At the same time, the Coatings Association of Zhejiang Bonding Technology Association took the lead in cooperating with the top ten brands of architectural coatings in Zhejiang Province to jointly establish the “Zhejiang Green Building Coatings Alliance”. The alliance is based on “innovation drive, technological transformation, environmental management, optimization and upgrading”. Development guiding ideology, committed to building green building coatings, environmentally friendly low-carbon, recycling industry development, focusing on the upgrading of architectural coatings consumption, providing alliance members with strong alliances, complementary advantages, new product development, Joint promotion and other opportunities, while actively providing the society with fashionable, environmentally friendly, low-carbon architectural coatings. Maidenly Coatings was fortunate to be the first member of the Zhejiang Environmental Green Building Coatings Alliance. Zhejiang Green Building Coatings Alliance held the green coating initiative and awarding ceremony of Zhejiang Coatings Enterprise at the award ceremony. Zhao Xinjian, chairman of Zhejiang Green Building Coatings Alliance, issued the “Zhejiang Green Environmental Protection Declaration”.


In this ceremony, Maidenl Coatings has included “outside wall coating influence brand”, “China coatings industry e-commerce leading enterprise” and “Zhejiang Green Building” with its excellent product quality, comprehensive product service and good reputation in the industry. The Coatings Alliance has three major awards....