Not in the rules, can not be a square - maidenly strict quality management to ensure product quality

2018-09-03 16:21:06 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


“Continuously improving product quality, improving work efficiency, and developing new products according to market demand” has always been an important part of maidenly work. In order to deepen the implementation of total quality management and improve employees' quality management awareness, maidenly coatings were big on July 17, 2016. Some employees conducted a one-day training on the new ISO9000 quality management system standards.

Our company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification since its establishment in 2002 and has been in use ever since. ISO9000 quality management system certification has become a symbol of the company's quality assurance.

Why is the ISO9000 quality management system so influential?

Since China’s accession to the WTO, with the outward transformation of the domestic economic form, domestic organizations have increasingly participated in international competition. At present, international organizations such as the European Community and many countries have adopted the ISO9000 series as a unified standard. Multinational group companies also use ISO9000 quality certification as a condition to constrain OEM suppliers.

The ISO9000 family of standards is the international standard established by the ISO/TC176 technical committee. It is the first management series standard issued by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization)---the quality management standard, which summarizes the quality of countries in the world, especially industrialized countries. Based on the management experience, the core of the ISO9000 family is focused on customers and continues to meet the needs of customers.

In 1992, China adopted the ISO9000 series of international standards and released it as the national standard of GB/T19000 series. Many organizations have gradually felt the extraordinary role of this set of standards in foreign trade and conversion management mechanisms, and organizations are increasingly interested in implementing standards, establishing quality systems, or obtaining certification.

The training invited the senior auditor of the China Quality Certification Center, Mr. Wen, to explain in detail the important requirements and changes of the ISO9000:2015 version of the standard. In the class, Mr. Wen introduced the responsibility of each department in the maintenance of the company's quality system through the division of labor in each department. He also said that in the future work, the training and learning of the staff quality system should be strengthened. The situation of full participation, and the preparation of management system documents, to achieve effective integration of system standards and actual work, to prepare for next year's conversion work.



Cao General mobilized before the meeting

Through on-the-spot interaction, Mr. Wen understands the existing management model of our company, proposes a new space to improve the management and space, and discusses with the key management personnel a more effective management model in the future. In the class, we saw the rigorous requirements of the management in the success case, the strict requirements for production safety, and the continuous training of staff work quality, which caused us to reflect deeply. We have achieved little success in quality management, but How to do more efficient work, we have a lot of improvements. By understanding the deficiencies in their own and overall management, there has been a clearer direction for the implementation of the new standards.


The teacher is explaining the principles of quality management for everyone.

Through this training, we laid a solid foundation for maidenly to plan and implement new standards for quality management systems, carry out future construction work, and promote the optimization and upgrading of maidenl system....