The third phase of maidenly technical renovation construction project entered the trial production stage

2018-09-03 16:18:53 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


The third phase of the maidenly technical renovation project was officially broken on May 21, 2015. The total investment reached more than 60 million yuan, and the newly acquired land was more than 20 acres. It lasted for one year and two months and was finally ready for trial production. It is expected to produce real stone paint every year. 50,000 tons, 10,000 tons of waterproof coatings.

The third phase of the technical transformation project adopts fully automatic production technology, which greatly saves labor and man-hours, improves production efficiency, and ensures the stability of product quality.


Automatic filling system


Three-dimensional storage

The first floor of the workshop is an automatic filling system and three-dimensional storage. The whole process of the computer control can fully automate the filling-seal-code placement. Compared with the previous operation of the staff, the weight of each can is more accurate. Reduce manual operations and make the workshop cleaner and tidy. Three-dimensional storage greatly reduces the storage area of the product and the product storage is more tidy, and it is faster to check and pick up the goods.


Two-tier tank area

New storage tanks can be prepared in advance for long-term storage of slurry in storage tanks to ensure timely supply of slurry, shorten production cycle and improve production efficiency. The new tank is completely sealed to ensure the stability of the slurry, improve the stability of the product quality and reduce the production cost.

The new workshop adopts outdoor feeding port, automatic feeding, pipeline transportation and computer controlled feeding, which can accurately control the feeding amount, reduce the dust pollution in the workshop, and provide a safe and clean working environment for the staff.


Three-layer mixing zone

The three-layer mixing area is equipped with 4 drums of 20 tons and 2 tons of 25 tons. The computer monitors the situation in the stirred tank in real time, and the stirring speed can be adjusted at any time. Multi-pipe connection, the mixed slurry can be transported into any storage tank on the second floor, and operated by manual computer to avoid transmission errors. Since the slurry is stirred for a long time, it often affects the production speed. Now, the slurry can be prepared in advance in the second-layer storage tank, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Some of the equipment is still not installed and is expected to be officially put into production in mid-August. As the powerful functions and aesthetics of imitation stone products are loved by more and more customers, the investment in new workshops can meet the needs of more customers.