Protecting the environment is to protect ourselves - the first qualification review of China's environmental label

2018-09-03 16:17:12 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


Every Tongxiang people are eager for "Tongxiang Blue" and are eager for blue water and blue sky. Since the beginning of this year, the Tongxiang environmental protection department has attacked and rectified the illegal discharge behavior of enterprises. In February, the Leijian series of environmental protection special actions were launched. In April, the environmental protection “100-day attack” special enforcement action was launched. As of July 20, Investigated and dealt with 123 environmental violation cases and fined 8.19 million yuan, which shocked environmental violations.

In the past, paint companies could only produce oil paints, which caused great harm to the environment. It was also an industry that caused headaches in the environmental protection department. However, since the advent of water-based paints, paint companies are no longer the key targets for environmental protection departments. Since its establishment, maidenly coating has invested a lot of human and financial resources in the field of waterborne coatings. It has researched and developed many water-based coatings. In addition to some products that cannot be replaced by water-based coatings, the company's products are mainly based on water-based coatings, and the environmental impact is minimized. lowest. Friends who have been to our company know that there is basically no pungent smell in the degreasing workshop, and you can move around the factory (except the oily workshop) without wearing respiratory protection equipment.

Our company passed the certification of “China Environmental Labeling” very early and actively cooperated with the review of “China Environmental Labeling Certification”.

Teacher Li from Central United (Beijing) Certification Center came to our company to do the qualification review of the first China Environmental Label Certification. Mr. Cao accompanied the company to review and coordinate the relevant staff to provide review requirements documents, explain the production situation of our company and accompany the visit to the production workshop.


Mr. Cao introduced the company's production situation


Teacher Li introduced the documents required for review


Visit the water-based workshop


Visit the finished product warehouse


Visit the putty workshop