Maidenly makes “green” the essence of paint quality

2018-09-03 16:06:15 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


After five years of rapid development, the coatings industry entered a period of pain. Stepping into the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the China Coatings Industry Association proposed that the coatings industry should eliminate backward production capacity, complete transformation and upgrading, and sustainable development of environmental protection.

In the face of a new round of industry reshuffle, a group of truly high-tech enterprises that adhere to independent innovation and develop products around customer needs have gradually emerged. Zhejiang Maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. located in Tudian Town, Tongxiang City is one of them. At present, we are entering the maidenly company, and the production workshop is busy. The third phase of the technical transformation intelligent manufacturing project started trial operation in October this year, which is successfully put into production. It mainly produces real stone paint with domestic leading technology level, with a total investment of more than 60 million yuan. It includes two blocks of automated warehousing and automated production. The raw material supply, feeding, processing, packaging, warehousing and other aspects all achieve computer precision control. Using the industry's top automatic intelligent warehousing system, the plant's production capacity has increased by about 20%, while the labor cost has been reduced by 15%.

More than 20 years of blue roads, a new chapter in innovation and development. For more than 20 years, regardless of the external environment, maidenly has focused on the coatings industry, and has been striving to improve product quality, serve consumers with heart, cooperate with others, and invest in public welfare. From a small company with only one production line of 10,000 tons of water-based architectural coatings to a large enterprise with two main brands of maidenly and Jumeimei and hundreds of series of product systems, it is now becoming the automation level in Zhejiang. The highest paint production base. Maidenly has gone through the difficult period of early start-up, the period of accumulation in the medium term, and gradually entered the real outbreak period.


Environmental protection is the core, innovation and development will never stop

With the improvement of consumers' awareness of their own health and environmental protection, low-carbon and environmentally friendly life has become the trend of the times. Under the background of supply-side reform, the environmental protection level of the coating industry has become an important support for the sustainable development of enterprises and a reflection of the core competitiveness of enterprises. To this end, Man Maidenly has been committed to environmental innovation and investment, and actively explore effective ways to reduce pollution control and cleaner production.

“Coating products are not fast-moving products. It is very important to balance the short-term benefits and long-term development and keep the technology ahead.” In the view of the marketing manager Shen Xiaotong, only the environmentally sustainable development has an advantage. We will attract consumers to “pay” and promote the concept of the brand. To this end, maidenly has been working hard to develop and produce environmentally-friendly and high-quality coating products, and is committed to providing consumers with a good home environment.

How to ensure that your paint products are more green? Maidenly's approach is to first enhance the stability of product performance from the source, select raw materials with sufficient quality assurance, and introduce a good water circulation system and centralized recycling system for toxic substances. These measures have effectively improved the traditional coatings enterprises. The status quo of "dirty, chaotic, poor".

In addition, the company has increased its investment in R&D, and at least one million yuan is invested in research and development of products every year. Shen Yutong told the author that he often “goes out” and participates in technical salons, new product launches, etc. held by companies in the same industry, and repeatedly compares and studies the market. In addition, he also spent a lot of money to invite the experts to "please come in", from time to time invited experts from some research institutes to the factory to do experiments, develop new formulations of coatings.

Today, maidenly already has its own professional R&D team. Every year, technicians are regularly trained to receive comprehensive training, and the performance of the paint keeps up with the needs of the mainstream society. At present, maidenly has nearly 30 research and development personnel, including 1 master, 1 senior engineer and 1 intermediate engineer. This year, the company also introduced a doctoral degree in chemical materials, which has injected a core impetus into the development of the company.

Inward blood transfusion, but also to borrow from outside. In these years, maidenly has always kept up with the trend of the industry development. With a forward-looking vision, it has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with many well-known companies in the world to ensure the renewal of R&D technology and the supply of high-quality raw materials. Shen Yutong is still planning to expand the cooperation between well-known institutions and R&D institutions at home and abroad and form a normal exchange to promote the transformation of scientific research results and achieve a win-win situation.

Based on innovation and efforts from production to technical excellence, maidenly has developed into a well-known environmentally friendly coating brand in the industry in just a few years, and has achieved certain results.


In 2015, the company launched two products, “Net House Cleaner Paint” and “maidenly Self-cleaning Cover Paint”, one for formaldehyde removal on the interior wall and one for exterior wall cleaning, with good market feedback. Shen Wutong told the author that “Net House” is an environmentally friendly product jointly developed by maidenly and a well-known research laboratory. This product can purify 80% of formaldehyde, which is in line with modern people's demand for environmentally friendly coatings, so it is very popular among customers. The self-cleaning finish paint has a clean function for both clean water and dust. It is a major technological breakthrough and is mainly applied to high-end residential, office buildings, offices, indoor and outdoor decorative surfaces.

Word of mouth is the brand, to create a professional service brand with heart

The development of a company should be based on the improvement and progress of quality products and services. In Shen Guoqiang's view, in addition to grasping the hearts of consumers, the coating products must be carefully serviced to inspire consumers with high-quality services. Throughout the history of maidenly, its quality service has always led the innovation and development of China's coatings industry services. In the past 20 years, maidenly has successfully held a number of offline interactive activities, which not only enables consumers to learn coating knowledge anytime and anywhere, but also enhances interactivity and provides consumers with more comprehensive and professional services. At the same time, there is also a professional decoration team, specializing in renovation services.

This service concept is derived from the beginning of the establishment of maidenly company, Shen Guoqiang gave the company the development philosophy: "integrity in the world", the recognition of customers has always been the greatest glory of maidenly paint, and now, this has become a maidenly Corporate culture. Maidenly has always valued its commitment to customers, and must be convinced. "Committed to the customer's things, must be achieved. If you do, you will explain it to the customer; if you can't do it, you will explain it to the customer." In Shen Guoqiang's view, the company's reputation is the brand of the company. He said that each company has the characteristics of each company. Maidenly is characterized by being not proud, keeping a low profile, doing its own job, and not exaggerating the performance of the product.

In addition to serving consumers with care, maidenly also implements the concept of “integrity” into the internal management of the company. Maidenly's workforce has been very stable. Many employees have been working hard together with Shen Guoqiang. The longest time has been in the company for more than 20 years. Why is there such a great cohesion? The author learned that this is due to the humanistic care that maidenly has always had for every employee. The so-called care is not only to provide employees with good material security, but also to work hard on the growth of employees, to build a smooth promotion channel for young people.

"In my opinion, as long as the employee's work attitude is serious, then he is an employee worthy of recognition." Shen Guoqiang said. Therefore, maidenly has always treated all employees of the company equally and gave everyone time to grow. “The company has always respected and understood us. Because of the development needs, now every three to four years, there will be a new equipment and new technology on the line. At this time, the company will give us enough time to receive training and help as much as possible. We adapt." Maidenly's employee Lu Meifen said. The commitment to employees is also a major manifestation of maidenly's “good faith” corporate culture.

Although maidenly paint slowed down certain development steps because of waiting for employees to grow, it promoted the stability and sustainable development of the company. The training of all employees of the company has been kept up, the staff's ability has been improved, and the quality of engineering services has naturally been more powerfully controlled, which has better coordinated enterprise management. As a result, maidenly's 2015 complaint rate dropped from 3.5% before the rectification to 1.2%. 

Looking to the future, maidenly has a clear development strategy and confidence. In sales, maidenly spreads the sales network nationwide and lays out the Internet to improve the online and offline O2O channels. In production, maidenly will comply with policies and environmental sustainability requirements, and reduce production and efficiency; in research and development, maidenly also We will continue to develop new products that meet the needs of the market.