Tongxiang City People's Congress leaders came to maidenly to visit the intelligent workshop

2018-09-03 15:51:37 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


At 2 o'clock on the afternoon of November 7, Tongxiang City People's Congress leaders and other representatives of the people visited the maidenly intelligent workshop, accompanied by the leaders of the CPPCC. Mr. Shen Guoqiang, the general manager of maidenly, received a detailed introduction to the intelligent workshop.


Just outside the smart workshop, the unique workshop exterior wall attracted the attention of the leaders of the NPC. I heard that this is our own paint, and the leaders are full of praise.


The intelligent workshop exterior wall uses maidenl real stone paint products, which has a very high imitation stone effect, and has a brushing effect. It feels like the surface is rough and touches the real stone....


The maidenly interpreter then took the NPC deputies and the CPPCC leaders to explain the operation of the intelligent workshop.



↑Automatic filling line


↑Robotic arm


Three-dimensional storage system

After the visit, the modernization of maidenly's intelligent workshop was greatly recognized by the NPC deputies.

Based on the concept of people-oriented, innovation and excellence, maidenly hopes to improve production capacity and ensure product quality stability through continuous modernization, and become a global excellent coating supplier.