Maidenly's first "Yancai Award" outstanding dealer selection event officially launched!

2018-09-03 15:55:05 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读

Zhejiang maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. can have today's achievements can not be separated from the efforts of various distributors, in order to thank the dealers for the long-term support of maidenly coatings, in order to better serve maidenly to partners, Zhejiang maidenly Coating Co., Ltd. will hold the first A Zhejiang maidenly "Yancai Award" outstanding dealer selection activity.


The activities related matters are as follows:


First, the scope of selection

All dealers working with maidenly

Second, the conditions of application

Complete the project with maidenly paint within three years

Third, the application materials

1. The application materials should be true, accurate and clear.

2. The application materials (report form) and engineering photos are sent to maidenly paints in paper form or sent to the maidenly event mailbox ( in electronic form. The return form can be contacted with the corresponding sales or contact activities. The person in charge asks.

Fourth, the selection process

1. Conduct a one-week voting event through WeChat voting

2. Organize expert group to score on-site.

3. Collecting expert reviews and voting results to select winners

4. Announce the list of winners;

5. Awards and awards

This award includes:

Annual sales winner

Outstanding dealer

Engineering Building Impact Award

New Product Promotion Award

Excellent exterior wall award

Excellent retailer

Outstanding Contribution Award

Ps: The proportion of online canvassing selection items is 30% for online votes and 70% for expert ratings.

Certificates, trophies and medals will be awarded to the winners.

Sixth, the company is scheduled to hold the first dealer selection and Zhejiang maidenly “Yancai Award” outstanding dealer awarding ceremony on January 24, 2018. At that time, the leading industry elites will be invited to participate in the speech, and then the award ceremony will be held. After the ceremony, we will conduct the ceremony. New product launches and order fairs. More colorful year-end dinners.

This event invited HC Coating Network technical support to conduct a full live broadcast.

Yesterday, the construction of the voting system was completed. Today, the event officially started. It is being accepted. The registration time is until January 7th. Wechat will be opened on the 8th. The voting time will last for one week. I hope this will be a hot week. You will be able to vote for the dealer you support.

For more selection trends, please continue to pay attention to the maidenly official website - company news!