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In China, repeated counterfeit and shoddy products not only make the Chinese people have a headache, but also plagued the development of various brands for a long time. For many years, it can be called an upgraded version of counterfeit and inferior products - pirated infringing products are popular, perhaps these products are The surface and texture are exactly the same as "authentic", but they are the products of stealing and trampling on the intellectual property of others. They have original sin since the day of their birth. Whether it is counterfeiting or piracy, it is the goal of counterfeiting rights.

User report on the eve of 315 Rights Day

The maidenly brand has become a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province and a national high-tech enterprise. With the continuous improvement of popularity, in recent years, counterfeit maidenly brand products have appeared frequently in the market. These unknown small factories use low-priced and inferior raw materials in order to make money; use counterfeit maidenly products with serious over-standard harmful substances to produce consumers. To earn improper benefits.

On March 13th, Maidenly received a report from the head of the household to go to Haichao Village, Dingqiao Town, Haining to check the situation.

According to the head of the household: he is the demolition room, the exterior wall finish wants to use the maidenly real stone paint, the engineering package to the current painter, the paint is also handed over to the painter to purchase. When he went to the scene to check the construction situation, he found that the color of the paint was wrong. The painter was asked to send it back to Maidenly. The paint was rejected by the painter. He found that there were a few barrels of unopened paint cover and they were not tightly closed. Opened, the painter's reaction and the quality of the paint made him discover the clue, so he called my company to respond.

After the on-site inspection by our staff, the results are: The paint used in this time is not the maidenly real stone paint produced by our company, but the fake sand paint.

Below we look at the paint bucket brought back from the scene: the paint bucket is the second use of our company's packaging drum, so the barrel is not clean. According to the head of the household, the painter will immediately wash the paint bucket and bring it back after using the paint.

Here is the comparison of the labels on the counterfeit products we found this time with the genuine labels of our company:

Hope that the majority of users can support genuine, crack down on counterfeit and shoddy products. Activism is not only to protect the interests and reputation of the business, but also to protect the interests of users themselves. If you find a fake maidenly product, please get in touch with us.

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