[Occupational Health Checkup] Work is busy, health is not forgotten

2018-09-03 15:16:14 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


In order to implement the national laws, regulations, policies and standards on occupational disease prevention and control, strengthen the management of occupational disease prevention and control, improve the level of occupational disease prevention and control, and effectively protect the health and safety of workers in the labor process. Our company entrusted Tongxiang Third People's Hospital to the maidenly company for employee medical examination on April 2.

Regular occupational health checkups can improve employee productivity (reducing work disharmony caused by illness and absenteeism, affecting work progress, caring for the health of all maidenly people, improving maidenly people's sense of belonging and enthusiasm, and improving work efficiency); reducing manpower Loss of resources (reducing morbidity through health interventions, reducing sick leave and health leave, reducing sick leave hours and leave hours, ensuring maidenly's normal functioning); reflecting maidenly human care for employees (providing various health care advice and services to make maidenly people Enjoy professional and personalized health guidance; reduce the morbidity and sub-health status of all maidenly people through health interventions, show maidenly true concern for employees; effective control and prevention of occupational diseases.

On the morning of April 2, maidenly people went to the third floor of the office building for an occupational health checkup. Different medical examinations are located in different places, so more than one hundred maidenly people can also wait in front of each project in order to conduct health check at the same time.

"Is it painful here?", "Is there any lack of sleep recently?", "Your blood pressure is normal", "Your blood pressure is high, you should pay attention to light diet", "You have mild fatty liver", you can often hear The gentle voice of the doctors. Some people know that they are in good health; some people have found out that they are suffering from minor illnesses.