[Exhibition Report] 2018 China International Coatings Expo

2018-09-03 17:15:00 Zhejiang Maidenly Paint Co., Ltd. 阅读


China International Coatings Show

Shanghai New International Expo Centre

July 4th to 6th

Sponsored by China Coatings Industry Association

Beijing Tubo International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

2018 China International Coatings Expo

The 19th China International Coatings Exhibition

Grand opening at Shanghai New International Expo Center

The exhibition attracted more than 170 companies to participate in the exhibition.

Exhibition area of more than 20,000 square meters


Zhejiang maidenly coating Co., Ltd.

Under the leadership of the Coatings Association of Zhejiang Bonding Association

As the top ten brand of architectural coatings in Zhejiang Province

Participated in the exhibition


This exhibition maidenly mainly displays imitation stone products:

Real stone paint, water-based colorful paint, water-filled sand, sand wall paint


This exhibition

We not only show our customers our excellent water-based coatings.

Also in the showrooms of other companies

See more development possibilities in the coatings market

I believe in every exhibition exchange

Not just the opportunity to show our business

It is also our maidenly break the opportunity to promote self-growth.