Indoor putty powder SN-200

Features:It is mainly suitable for all kinds of engineering interior wall decoration base layer to fill the ideal product for batch scraping....

Scope of application:It is mainly suitable for the ideal product that needs to beautify the living environment and healthy living environment, and the indoor wall base layer is flat to fill the scraping.

  1. Construction Process
  2. Technical Indicators
  3. Technical Indicators

Interior wall putty powder ratio: putty powder 20kg / bag + water lOkg, fully stirred into a paste.
(can be adjusted according to different base layers)
The base layer must be clean, dry, firm, free of ash and oil.
After the first layer of scraping is completed for about 4 hours, the second putty can be scraped.
The putty layer can be polished in about 24 hours.

- Construction performance: batch scratch-free
- Standard bond strength: ≧0.6mpa
- Theoretical dosage: 1.00kg/m2 (according to different base layers, the dosage is increased or decreased)
- Dry time: 2 hours (25 ° C)
- Recoating time: 4 hours (25 ° C)
- Dry time: 24 hours (25 ° C)

- Stir before use. Do not mix the dried powder with water.
- The stirred putty slurry should be used up within 3 hours.
- After the putty layer is completed, it should be polished within 1-2 days.