High adhesion PES epoxy primer

Features:Special modified two-component epoxy resin sealer.
Extremely high permeability and adhesion.
Excellent resistance to alkali, salt and moisture.
The attached performance is good.

Scope of application:Solve the top coating of very smooth base such as tiles.
With a variety of elastic coatings and epoxy high adhesion and alkali resistant back cover.
With a variety of colored floor paint for alkali-resistant back cover.

  1. Construction Process
  2. Technical Indicators
  3. Technical Indicators

-The base layer must be clean, dry, firm, free of ash, and paint free.
-This product can be applied by roll coating, brushing and spraying.

- Solid content: main paint: 21.0-22.5%; curing agent: 48.0-49.0%
- Specific gravity: 0.95-1.00
- Water resistance: no abnormalities in 96h
- Construction performance: brushing two barrier-free
-Theoretical dosage: 0.13-0.20kg/m2 (according to different base layers, the dosage is increased or decreased)