Clear water concrete protective paint

Features:It can maximize the original color mechanism and texture of concrete.
It reacts with concrete to form a strong chemical bond that anchors to the concrete surface.
It has long durability and excellent water resistance.
Superior anti-fungal and anti-fouling function keeps the concrete surface clean and refreshed for a long time. It has anti-pollution performance, outstanding water repellency, lotus leaf effect and effective prevention of stains.
It has extremely low water absorption, good durability, alkali resistance and salt resistance, and effectively protects concrete buildings in harsh environments.
Water-based environmentally friendly green products and construction without pollution.

Scope of application:It is mainly used to display natural texture of houses, exhibition halls, landmark buildings, bridges, tunnels, dam power plants, large concrete buildings with concrete as the main body, as well as for ancient city walls and ancient buildings, which can maintain its originality. The appearance can also achieve the effect of turning old and new, and play the role of anti-corrosion protection.

  1. Construction Process
  2. Technical Indicators
  3. Technical Indicators

1:The base layer is treated to clean the surface and remove floating dust. For large-area quality qualified walls, in order to maintain the original natural mechanism and texture of the concrete, it is generally not necessary to repair.
2:Repair the defects, repair the defects with special putty, and smooth the surface.
3:The color difference is adjusted, the special color difference adjuster is used to adjust the concrete color, and the surface forms a stable and uniform protective film. The whole surface is observed to be flat, clean, uniform in color, no color difference, and maintain the original surface mechanism and texture of the concrete.
4:The special surface coating for concrete protection protects the concrete surface from the natural environment, maintains waterproof performance, does not change the color and appearance of the base layer, and can be applied by roller coating, spraying, brushing, etc.

Adhesion (cross-cut method, 2mm): Level 1

Water resistance (soaked in deionized water for 7d): no abnormality

Alkali resistance (soaked in saturated calcium hydroxide solution for 7d): no abnormality

Stain resistance (white or light): 8

Washing resistance / time: ≥ 20000 times

Freeze-thaw resistance cycle (10 times): no abnormalities

Resistant to artificial aging (hours): 1700h without bubbles, no cracking, falling off

Impact resistance: 100cm

Water permeability (lm): 0.1

1: The color of the repaired putty should be basically the same as that of the fair-faced concrete. When repairing, pay attention to the protection of the finished concrete. After repairing, it should be sprinkled and maintained in time.

2: For the bolt hole sealing, the compensation shrinkage cement mortar mixed with admixture and admixture should be used. The sealing cement mortar should be limited to 3mm on the concave wall surface. The color of the mortar is close to the color of the clear water facing concrete.

3: Low temperature below 5 °C or high humidity above 80% will make the performance of the material unable to play for a long time, and the performance of the coating film and the main material should be low, and construction should be avoided.