Exterior paint -YH8900

Features:Extremely high stability and durability, environmental protection.
The film is firm, excellent in water resistance and mildew resistance.
Excellent chemical structure and long-term protection are not easy to fall off.
Strong opacity, extremely convenient brushing and good leveling.

Scope of application:Long-term demand to protect the walls of buildings and buildings, reduce the recoating cycle, and the exterior wall decoration of high-end buildings.

  1. Construction Process
  2. Technical Indicators
  3. Technical Indicators

-The base layer is required to be firm, dry, clean, free of ash and paint.
-Stir well in the open bucket. For construction reasons, add 5%-10% of water, while stirring evenly, but add more than 20 water, cover rate, washdown has decreased.
-It can be applied by roller coating, brush coating or airless spraying.
-The second coat can be applied about 2 hours after the first layer is applied.
-After the painting is completed, the tool can be cleaned with water.

- Construction performance: brushing two barrier-free

-solid content: 50%-55%

- Washing resistance: ≥20,000 times

- Theoretical dosage: 0.25-0.3 kg/m3 (dry film 30 μm)

- Alkali resistance: no abnormality for 48 hours

- Water resistance: no abnormality for 96 hours

- The maidenly series primer should be used as the base primer.

- Ensure that the moisture content of the substrate is <10% before painting.

- Unused products should be stored in a sealed condition.

- After the construction is finished, clean it with water in time.

- Do not apply outside of 5 ° C - 40 ° C or under rain.