Water-based multi-color paint

Features:The specific spray equipment completes the pattern at one time.
The colorful layers formed after spraying produce a strange three-dimensional pattern, and the paint simulation granite effect is excellent.
It has excellent weather resistance, abrasion resistance, water resistance and high strength.
The low cost of the same decorative effect on the wall, the satisfactory gas and the overall effect of the wallpaper.

Scope of application:Widely used in high-end residential, office buildings, office buildings, indoor and outdoor decoration.

  1. Construction Process
  2. Technical Indicators
  3. Technical Indicators

- The base layer is required to be firm, dry, clean, free of ash and paint.

- Stir well before use, dilute with no more than 5% water, and mix well.

- It can be applied by roll coating or batch scraping.

- After the first layer is applied dry, a second brush can be applied.

- Theoretical dosage: 0.60-1.00kg/m3

- Alkali resistance: no abnormality for 48 hours

- Water resistance: no abnormality for 144 hours

- The maidenly series primer should be used as the base primer.

- Ensure that the moisture content of the base layer is<10% before painting.

- Unused products should be stored in a sealed condition.

- After the construction is finished, clean it with water in time.

- Do not apply outside of 5 ° C - 40 ° C or under rain.