Man color stone construction process

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First, the construction process

1. Preparation before construction

1.1 Technical preparation

1.1.1 Review

According to the effect of each facade of the external wall and the plan paper, the color and color separation position of each area are determined according to the position of each axis. If the effect picture and the drawing are not clear, it is necessary to communicate with the design and Party A in time. Party A and the design of the color distribution and purpose of the façade, the technician must draw the color of the façade paint on the floor plan paper and each elevation map on each floor plan, and mark the paint color number to avoid construction. When the paint color is painted incorrectly, it occurs.

1.1.2 Site survey

Before the start of construction, the site should be surveyed, the base surface should be checked and accepted, the layout of the site should be arranged and special construction plans should be prepared to determine the grassroots repair methods, rectification measures and schedule.

1.1.3 Technical disclosure

Before the construction team enters the construction site, the technical delivery work is carried out. First, in the on-site office, the technical leaders of Mandeli Company will submit a written report to each construction team leader, and all the technical contents of the project will be emphasized, all the meetings. All contents must have written meeting minutes. After the words are formed, all participants must sign and keep files. Then, at the construction site, the construction team leader will verbally deliver the documents to the construction personnel. The technical personnel of our company must attend the meeting at the same time. The technical problems mentioned in the report will be corrected in time, and the construction process, operation methods and key contents will be emphasized and reaffirmed to ensure that all the construction personnel attending the meeting have a good understanding of the contents of the submission, and the construction methods and acceptance criteria must be unified and clear. . In addition, the construction personnel who follow the scene must also go through the technical and pre-job training to get on the job.

1.1.4 On-site sample preparation and coating rate test

After completing the technical delivery work, the project manager, Mandeli field technicians, construction team leader, etc. select the appropriate site at the construction site to make the on-site model. All personnel must carefully observe the finished effect, all personnel must Personally calculate the coating rate of the sample and the amount of putty, etc., the qualified sample must be protected for comparison.

1.1.5 Party A, design and supervision personnel confirm the sample

After the completion of the sample, Party A, design and supervision personnel shall timely evaluate the sample produced on the site. If it is considered to be in conformity with the appearance of the construction of the project, it shall be strictly in accordance with the model construction and supervision and management (model and actual construction). The construction of the exterior wall coating will begin after the prototype is produced again until it meets the requirements of Party A, the design and the supervisor.

1.1.6 Initial accounting of paint area and material quantity

According to the design drawings determined with Party A, the paint area of each color is preliminarily calculated, the total quantity of various materials to be prepared is determined, and then the factory is notified for stocking and production.

1.2 Material preparation

1.2.1 Material production and delivery

After determining the color and model of each paint, the factory will arrange production and delivery according to the quantity of materials on the order and the time of arrival of the goods, and prepare the goods according to the actual conditions of the project to meet the needs of the project.

1.2.2 Material site management

On-site material personnel must do the statistical work of material inventory every day, and report to the paint project manager and technical person in charge in time, so that our company's on-site personnel can control the demand for materials within the next week, and apply for delivery to the factory in time. To ensure that the materials on site are sufficient to avoid the impact of construction time and lost time.

All materials arriving at the site must be stored in time. The warehouse must have the function of storing paint (to meet the best conditions for paint storage). All materials are placed in batches according to putty, primer, colorful paint, texture middle layer, finish paint, etc. Good sign. Try to ensure that the materials are not wrong, each batch of materials can be used in the same building or on the same facade (an important measure to avoid chromatic aberration).

In addition, materials stacked on site warehouses must be overhead treated for moisture protection.

1.3 Preparation of construction equipment

Before the start of construction, the project management staff will arrange the position of the basket according to the construction period and the floor plan of the building, and calculate the number of baskets and the number of mixing tools. Before the start of construction, it must be installed on site and approved by the relevant departments to ensure the exterior wall. The painting started normally.

1.4 Construction team and management personnel preparation

Immediately after receiving the notice of winning the bid, immediately select a good construction team from the company construction team storage form, determine the number of construction teams and the number of construction personnel according to the size of the area, and dispatch experienced project managers, technical leaders and construction team leaders. on site.

2. Man color stone coating plane effect supporting system:

Construction Program


Recommended construction method

1.Primer One

Closed alkali-resistant primer

Roll coating

2.Gap paint One

Gap paint

Roll coating

3.Same color base paint tow

Colorful same color master paint

Roll coating

4.Colorful paint Two

Colorful paint

Special spray gun

5.Colorful finish varnish one or two

Colorful special cover

Roll coating

3.Construction process diagram:


4. Construction equipment and tools

4.1 Commonly used tools: horizontal transport truck, hammer, bucket, roller, paint brush, row pen, broom, wallpaper knife, pallet

4.2 Testing tools: aluminum alloy ruler, feeler gauge, square ruler, air hygrometer, PH test paper, wet film card, surface temperature meter, moisture content tester, etc.

4.3 Construction vehicles: external scaffolding or outdoor operating baskets; vertical lifting tools.

4.4 Other special tools:


Corner trowel 65x65mm

Building yin and yang trowel tools, used when making putty layers

Stainless steel plastering knife

Plastering tools (batch putty, etc.)


Stirring putty

Small sandpaper

Sanding board matching tool, polishing putty

Sanding plate (small)

Polishing putty

Wire brush

Cleaning the grassroots

Long handle spoon

Manually mixing colorful paints and adding colorful paint to the spray gun

4.5 Main construction tools

4.5.1 Air compressor

Colorful paint requires the capacity of an air compressor (the ability to stably provide the necessary amount of compressed air during continuous spraying operations) minimum 2 horsepower (1.5kw).

It is recommended to use an air compressor of 3 horsepower or more in consideration of the problem of capacity reduction caused by severe use conditions such as long-term continuous use.

Air compressor capacity is less than 2 horsepower, may not provide the air pressure required for continuous spraying, so the spraying pressure reaches 390 ~ 590kPa {4.0 ~ 6.0kgf / cm }, is not suitable for spraying. If the inner diameter of the air hose is too long and too long, the pressure loss will be too large and the air volume will be insufficient.

When the capacity of the air compressor is 2.0 horsepower, the upper limit is the hose inner diameter φ6mm and the length 30m.

4.5.2 Painting equipment



Painting equipment


Man color stone primer

Roller, brush, airless spray gun

Main material(main paint spraying)

Man color stone paint

Special spray gun

Partial repair

Man color stone paint

Special spray gun


Man color stone overcoat paint

Roller, spray gun

5 Man color stone coating system construction process:

A. Check and clean the wall

B, the first step: batch scraping the exterior wall putty (two to three times)

In practice, it is standard to uniformly shield the substrate with a putty layer. After the external wall putty is scraped, it should be cured to the moisture content and alkalinity.

C, the second step: roller brush primer - closed alkali-resistant primer PE-400 (one)

Be sure to wait for the putty surface to dry out (ie, the wall moisture is required to be less than 10%, the pH value is not more than 10. Generally, it should be dried for at least three to five days in sunny weather, and the southern weather may be dry for one week). Apply one or two primers. After it has dried out (usually takes 3~4 hours), paste the fine textured paper according to the design requirements and apply the topcoat. The primer requires uniform brushing, no trace of brushing, and no leaking coating.

D, the third step: the construction of the seam paint

After the primer is dry, apply a seam of paint to the seam. The seam paint requires uniform brushing, no color difference, no trace of rolling, no leaking coating. Paste the textured paper after drying the paint.

E, the fourth step: the construction of the color stone with the same color main paint

After the treatment of the imitation stone according to the design requirements, the construction of the same color primary color paint. The same color primary color paint requires two constructions. After the construction of the first main color stone of the same color main color paint, after more than 4 hours of drying, the second color stone main color paint of the same color is applied. Different batches of paint should be avoided on the same wall as much as possible. Or use a small number of batch paints for the first pass to reduce chromatic aberration. Non-standard colors are recommended to modulate the color of the sample paint.

F, the fifth step: the construction of Manstone

(1) Preparation of construction tools

1. Scaffolding: Scaffolding must be 50-60 cm away from the painted wall. There should be no crossbar against the wall. The wall should not have a scaffolding eye. A hanging bar should be used. Bridges, bamboo scaffolding in the construction of the attention to leave a suitable construction distance.

2. The air compressor power is more than 5KW, the air volume is sufficient, the pressure is 0.8-1.0 MPa, and the air compressor has two air pipes, which can meet the two people at the same time and can automatically control the pressure.

3. Spray gun: A special spray gun W-77 with pressure tank.

4, various nozzle caliber: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, etc., the smaller the diameter, the smoother the spray, the larger the diameter, the larger the flower pattern.

5, rubber tube: oxygen tube, diameter 8mm.

6, a number of brushes, rollers, blades.

7, shielding tools: plastic cloth, fiberboard, pushpins, tape.

(2) Spraying construction of Manxite:

1. Environmental requirements: The construction temperature is above 5 °C, the moisture content of the base layer is not higher than 10%, and the relative humidity should not be higher than 85%.

2. Use professional lines to stick the ruled lines as required.

3. After the barrel of Manxite paint is opened, mix it in a pail bucket. Do not use an electric mixer to stir the paint. Excessive agitation will destroy the mascara particles in the paint.

4. Select the appropriate nozzle according to the requirements of the sample. The spraying pressure is about 0.80MPa/cm2. The spray gun should be perpendicular to the spraying surface. The spray gun should be about 40-60cm away from the wall. The gun should be balanced, first spray evenly, at interval 2 After about the hour, after the first time, the second color of the stone paint is uniformed by the same method until the color is uniform and the size of the pattern is uniform. During spraying, during the construction of the yin and yang angle, special attention should not be paid when spraying. The thin spray multi-layer method is used, that is, the surface is dry and re-sprayed. The distance between the spray gun is 80 cm, the movement speed is fast, and the vertical yin and yang angle spray can not be used. It is possible to use scattering, that is, to spray the edges of the fog on both sides to sweep into the yin and yang angles. The gas supply should be uniform, the wet film thickness is 0.4-0.6mm, the spray is evenly applied, and the coating drying time is 16 hours.

G, the sixth step: the construction of the special surface of the Manxi stone.

After the construction of the main stone of Manzanite is completed, at least 16 hours after the construction of the special surface of the man-made stone.

Second, Man color stone coating construction maintenance and finished product protection

5.1 Maintenance during construction

In order to prevent direct sunlight and wind and rain, the exterior wall finish should be covered and protected, especially between the wall and the scaffold to prevent rain from entering.

5.2 Maintenance of door and window frames, window sleeves, etc. (protection)

Regardless of whether it is made of steel or wood, it must be covered with a paper tape. Once it is contaminated with paint, it is carefully washed away with a small solvent at the beginning of the contamination.

5.3 Protection of corner joints

For the border of the side, corner, straight line or curve of the building, outside the line, the other side should be protected when applying this surface. Considering the wetness of the paper and the permeability of the material, two layers of protective paper should be attached to prevent this. The side of the coating that penetrates the contamination should be removed from the film after the spraying.

5.4 Maintenance after construction

In order to prevent the dust from the wind from sticking to the surface of the coating, windproofing should be carried out to properly shield the wall.

5.5 The removal of the maintenance paper and the maintenance tape shall be determined according to the curing of the coating and the degree of coating.

Third, Man color stone coating construction considerations

1) Check the label and color number before construction and read the instructions carefully. The paint is formulated in strict accordance with the product instructions.

2) The main material of the color stone coating (top coating) is a thick coating, and the construction tool is best sprayed with a special spray wall.

3) No other ingredients may be added to the product unless the company approves it in writing. Do not mix water into the product.

4) If there is dirt on the construction surface, please do not apply. The dirt includes dust, debris, weathering or grease.

5) Do not saturate the wall when wet the construction wall. Do not use too much water when making textures and making rafts for the finish.

6) The scaffolding outside the construction must ensure that the paint construction personnel are simultaneously constructed according to the height of each floor.

7) Make sure that the top coat is wet, and the construction interface or gap is set at the yin and yang corners of the wall, at the joints or outside the pipeline. The repair work at the base must be completed before the paint is applied. Window sills or door frames, corners and other repairs also need to be maintained to meet construction requirements.

8) Pay attention to wall cleaning during construction; cross-work, must be finished product protection.