Occupational Health Checkup【Love goes further in time】

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Occupational Health Checkup【Love goes further in time】

People live only once,

In this one and only life,

What is important? I think healthy,

Life is a relatively limited time and space composition, and with a healthy body and mind,

will make the relatively limited time and space of life continue and lengthen.

Health is not everything, but if you lose your health, you lose everything,

Taking care of the body in time can make the journey of life go longer!

   In order to ensure the health of employees, eliminate occupational hazards, prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases, and improve work efficiency, Mandeli regularly conducts regular inspections on current employees and new employees every year. Have an occupational health examination. March 10, 2019Our company entrusted Tongxiang Third People's Hospital to come to Mandeli for employee physical examination.

The contents of the physical examination mainly include:

Internal medicine, surgery, spirometry, color B-ultrasound, electrocardiogram, blood pressure, hearing test, X-ray DR chest X-ray, blood test, urine test.

The purpose of the new employee physical examination:

1. The main purpose is of course to check whether the physical health of employees meets the requirements of the recruiting company and whether they are qualified for future work;

2. Find and avoid the source of disease infection;

3. I think there is another point: through physical examination, to define the occurrence time of occupational diseases, etc., to avoid potential legal and economic responsibilities.

The purpose of medical examination for employees:

1. Maintaining employee health and improving employees' trust in the enterprise is one of the contents of enterprise employee health management.

2. Find and avoid the source of infectious diseases and occupational diseases.

In the early morning of March 10, all Mandeli employees went to the third floor of the office building for occupational health examinations. Different physical examination items are set up in different places, so more than 100 Mandeli people can wait for each item in an orderly manner while conducting health examinations at the same time. Each doctor patiently and meticulously examines each employee, and from time to time I can hear the doctor gently say, "I usually go to work. I don't feel any discomfort", "I'm fine with no problems", I will also hear the doctor say "blood pressure is a little high, diet should be light", "a little fatty liver, regular work and rest, eat less animal offal, exercise more" , the doctor will give reasonable suggestions and matters needing attention according to the physical examination of each employee, and will patiently answer the questions of each employee.

   A healthy body can go further in the journey of life, and timely care of the body can maintain a healthy body, no matter how busy work is Don't forget to be healthy, love can go further in time!

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