Exterior Wall Closed Type Alkali Resistant Primer




·High alkali resistance and high resistance to salting out.
·Good adhesion, can provide excellent adhesion to the topcoat.
·Excellent sealing, can prevent the precipitation of wall solubles.
·Easy construction.
·safe and non-toxic.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for alkali-resistant sealing and adhesion enhancement of new wall surfaces and various putty and gypsum board base layers.


Color: White

Constructability: two barrier-free brushing

Water resistance: 96h no abnormality

Alkali resistance: 48h no abnormality

Low temperature stability: no deterioration

Theoretical coating rate: 0.15-0.20kg/㎡ (The coating rate will be different from the theoretical value due to the condition of the base layer and the construction process.)

Additional Information

  • outdoor

  • waterborne

  • matte

  • roller

  • spray gun