Interior Wall Putty Powder




·It has two-way adhesion, can be well attached to the base surface, contains anti-crack fibers, and has strong anti-crack ability.
·Good workability, saving labor and material at one time.
·No obvious odor during construction, green and environmental protection.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for trimming the base of indoor walls, such as wire grooves, small pits, etc.


Ratio: 10:4 (powder: water)

Sandability: Hand sandable

Initial drying crack resistance: no crack

Constructability: Scratch coating barrier-free

Theoretical coating rate: 0.80-1.00kg/㎡ (The coating rate will be different from the theoretical value due to the condition of the base layer and the construction process.)

Additional Information

  • indoor

  • waterborne

  • batch knife