Interior Wall Putty Powder (Coarse Sand Type)




·It has two-way adhesion, can be well attached to the base surface, contains anti-crack fibers, and has strong anti-crack ability.
·Good workability, saving labor and material at one time.
· Cover base defects.

Scope of Application

It is suitable for trimming the base of indoor walls, such as wire grooves, small pits, etc.


Ratio: 10:4 (powder: water)

Sandability: Hand sandable

Initial drying crack resistance: no crack

Constructability: Scratch coating barrier-free

Theoretical coating rate: 1.50-2.50kg/㎡ (The coating rate will vary from the theoretical value due to the condition of the base layer and the construction process.)

Additional Information

  • indoor

  • waterborne

  • batch knife